Hex Tool

What is a Hex Tool?

A hex tool is also known as a hex key, Allen key, or Allen wrench. It’s a small, L or T-shaped tool used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal recess in the head. The tool is named after its shape and the hexagonal socket it fits into.

Types of Hex Tools

L-Shaped Hex: The most common type of hex tool, featuring a 90-degree angle with a long and short arm.

T-Handle Hex: Designed with a T-shaped handle for added torque and a more comfortable grip.

Folding Hex Set: A compact set of hex keys that fold together, providing multiple sizes in a single tool.

P-Handle Hex: Features a P-shaped handle for increased leverage and comfort during use.

Hex Bit Socket: A hex bit attached to a socket that can be used with a ratchet or torque wrench.

Materials and Manufacturing

Hex tools are made from high-grade steel, such as chrome-vanadium. They offer excellent strength and durability. The manufacturing process includes cutting, forging, and heat treatment to ensure precise dimensions and a long-lasting tool.

Usage of Hex Tool

a. Automotive repair and maintenance

b. Bicycle assembly and repair

c. Furniture assembly

d. Electronics and appliance repair

e. Construction and woodworking

f. Industrial machinery maintenance