Holeshot Tires

Introduction to Holeshot Tires

Holeshot Tires, a premier supplier of high-performance tires and wheels, has become an influential leader in the automotive, racing, and off-road industries since its establishment in 1997. Now an international powerhouse with facilities in five countries, Holeshot Tires carries an unparalleled racing legacy, supplying tires for the world’s most prestigious racing events. Their DOT-approved race tires, featuring a diverse range of tread patterns, are meticulously engineered for asphalt and dirt racing, promising exceptional grip and resilience even in extreme conditions.

Beyond the standard tire offerings, Holeshot Tires breaks new ground with their innovative hovercraft capabilities, granting customers access to state-of-the-art technology for refined suspension tuning. The precision engineering and superior quality materials used to craft these tires ensure they deliver unmatched high-performance results on any track or terrain.

Applications of Holeshot Tires

Holeshot Tires have earned a stellar reputation in the automotive, racing, and off-road industries, owing to their superior grip and durability. These tires are perfect for high-performance situations, whether on asphalt or dirt racing tracks. The cutting-edge hovercraft capabilities open up new possibilities for sophisticated suspension tuning, making these tires the choice of professionals.

Why Choose Holeshot Tires?

Professionals across the globe trust Holeshot Tires for their impeccable craftsmanship and precision engineering. These tires deliver unparalleled performance on diverse terrains and tracks. Their extensive selection of DOT-approved race tires is engineered to shine under extreme conditions, granting racers unprecedented control and stability at high velocities.

Range of Holeshot Tires

Holeshot Tires offers an impressive lineup of models:

  • Holeshot MXR6
  • Holeshot XCT
  • Holeshot GNCC
  • Holeshot HD
  • Holeshot SX

Each of these models has distinct features tailored to different racing conditions and rider preferences.

Holeshot MXR6

Designed for the dirt bike off-roading enthusiast, the Holeshot MXR6 tire combines style and performance to an unbeatable degree. Its unique tread pattern caters to both asphalt and dirt applications, ensuring excellent grip and traction even under the most challenging conditions. The tire’s special rubber compound offers superior control and stability at high speeds, making it the top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

Holeshot XCT

The Holeshot XCT tire is the epitome of high performance, capable of withstanding everything the off-roading world throws at it. The seamless, low-profile center block coupled with larger side blocks enhances grip during cornering, offering riders exceptional stability and control on diverse terrains. Built from a specialized rubber compound, the XCT provides high performance under extreme conditions, ensuring reliability and maximum performance.

Holeshot GNCC

The Holeshot GNCC tire promises the ultimate off-roading experience. Its unique tread pattern delivers exceptional grip and traction on any terrain. The specially-designed rubber compound provides superior control and stability at high speeds, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme conditions.

Holeshot HD

The Holeshot HD tire is designed for maximum performance and longevity in the off-roading world. With a unique tread pattern and heavy-duty construction, it provides superior grip and stability on various terrains. The tire’s resilience under extreme conditions guarantees performance and longevity.

Holeshot SX

The Holeshot SX tire is the go-to choice for dirt bike racing enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance. The tire’s unique tread pattern and rubber compound construction ensure superior grip and stability on any terrain. The tire’s reinforced casing provides extra protection against wear and tear in extreme conditions, ensuring long-lasting reliability.