Introduction to Scrubbing

Scrubbing is a term used in the motorcycling world that pertains to the way a rider tackles jumps in motocross or supercross racing. This technique is used by riders to maintain speed and reduce airtime over jumps, thereby saving time in races.

Understanding Scrubbing

The scrub technique, also known as the ‘Bubba Scrub’ after professional motocross racer James ‘Bubba’ Stewart who popularized it, involves the rider approaching a jump at high speed, then leaning the bike over and pushing it down into the jump face. This causes the bike to take a low trajectory over the jump, thereby reducing airtime and increasing speed on the ground.

Scrubbing is a more advanced technique that requires a good understanding of bike control, body positioning, and confidence in handling jumps. It can be risky if not performed correctly, as it could lead to loss of control and potential crashes.

Importance of Scrubbing in Motorcycles

Scrubbing has several benefits for riders, especially those involved in racing:

  • Speed Maintenance: By reducing airtime and keeping the bike closer to the ground, riders can maintain greater speed through jumps.
  • Time Saving: Scrubbing can shave off critical seconds in races, giving riders an edge over their competitors.
  • Control: Scrubbing offers riders more control over their bike’s trajectory and landing after a jump.

Mastering the Art of Scrubbing

Scrubbing is not a beginner’s technique and requires a certain degree of skill and experience. To master scrubbing, riders should gradually start by practicing on smaller jumps before progressing to larger ones. As with all motorcycle techniques, mastering scrubbing requires consistent practice, confidence, and a solid understanding of bike control.

Safety Considerations

While scrubbing can provide significant advantages in racing, it’s important to remember that it comes with risks. Incorrectly performing a scrub can lead to loss of control, potentially resulting in serious injury. Riders should always wear appropriate protective gear when practicing and performing scrubs.


Scrubbing is a valuable technique for motocross and supercross riders looking to improve their speed and performance on the track. However, it’s a more advanced technique that requires practice and control. As with all riding techniques, safety should always be a top priority when practicing and performing scrubs.