Arrow 10 Electric Bike Review

Arrow 10 Electric Bike Review

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Arrow 10 Electric Bike is a unique blend of the traditional bicycle and modern technology, designed to provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. With its sleek design and efficient motor, the Arrow 10 offers an exciting alternative to traditional bicycles, making it an excellent choice for commuting, recreation, and adventure.

In this review, we’ll look closer at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Arrow 10 Electric Bike to help you determine if it’s the right choice. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this review will provide valuable insights into this electric bike and help you make an informed decision.

Top Features of Arrow 10 Bike

  • Motor: High-Speed Geared Motor
  • Motor power: 500 W
  • Battery: Samsung 2900mA cell Li-ion Battery
  • Battery capacity: 48V 20Ah 960Wh
  • Charging time: 6-8hours
  • Milage per charge: Up to 60+ Miles
  • Payload Capacity: 100kg


Each ep-arrow electric bike includes a lithium battery with 48 volts and 20 amp hours. The energy stored in a battery is expressed in amp-hours (ah). Most electric bike batteries have a voltage of 48 volts as their norm. This bicycle features a lithium-ion battery with a long lifespan and a high energy density. It weighs very little and has a range of approximately 60 miles on a single charge, sufficient for a rider who frequently covers great distances.

Maximum Horsepower of the Engine

The electric motor with this bike has a power rating of 500 watts, measured in watts. A motor with a power output of 500 watts enables the bike to more accurately calculate its speed and acceleration, resulting in a quicker and more comfortable ride than a motor with a lower power output. This engine lends a helping hand to the rider while they are pedaling, which makes it possible for them to go greater distances and travel at faster speeds.


To slow down the wheel, a disc brake such as the Tektro twin hydraulic cylinder disc brake applies pressure to the brake pads and slows down the wheel. The rotor is gripped by the brake pad’s high-friction substance, which causes the wheel to rotate more slowly. Disc brakes manufactured by Tektro are world-renowned for their exceptional stopping capability. In addition to that, its upkeep is simple.

Handlebar and Frame

Aluminum, which is not only lightweight but also sturdy and resistant to corrosion, was used in the construction of the frame of the electric bike. The dimensions of this bike’s frame are 26 inches by 17 inches. When buying or selling a bike, looking for a frame that is sturdy but also comfortable, lightweight, and aerodynamic is essential. This is because the frame needs to be able to withstand any obstacle that may be encountered while riding on the road.

Weight & Dimensions

The arrow electric bikes have a combined weight of close to 22 kilograms, which is equivalent to around 48 pounds. The rider’s height should be between 165 and 200 centimeters to get the most out of the bike. This bicycle can reach a top speed of up to 21.6 miles per hour. The total weight of the bicycle is reduced to 68 pounds after adding the front basket and fenders, both of which are optional.

Digital Display

The battery level, the distance traveled, the speed, and other essential information are all displayed on the LCD screen that comes standard on the electric bike. This bike also comes equipped with gps and Bluetooth, so you can effortlessly listen to music and navigate while on the road. It is possible to connect it while riding the bike without any difficulty.

Reasons Why Should You Give Consider Buying an Arrow 10 Electric Bike?

You might want to think about getting the Arrow 10 electric bike if you keep the following things in mind:

1. The powerful motor that comes standard on the Arrow 10 electric bike allows for a comfortable ride that can be maintained over a greater distance. Those who wish to go on lengthy rides while expending less energy and who want to conserve both their energy and their time may find this bike appealing.

2. The electric bike Arrow 10 is a versatile alternative for daily commuting cyclists because it was designed to be used for a variety of different types of excursions, including those that take place on and off the road.

3. The electric bike arrow 10 is a good choice for the environment because it doesn’t release any harmful emissions. This bike’s low impact on the environment and its ability to reduce the company’ use of fossil fuels make it a great investment.

4. The Aero 10 bike is outfitted with digital technologies such as GPS and Bluetooth, making it very simple to maneuver, and it can be connected while the rider is on the bike.

5. The sophisticated suspension system offers customers a ride that is both smooth and pleasant, regardless of the terrain that the vehicle is traveling over.

6. The Electric Bike is constructed with top-quality, long-lasting and sturdy components that are up to the challenge of withstanding the rigors of daily commuting.

7. This bike is more expensive than others of its kind. While electric bikes require less maintenance than other bikes and less cost to use, they can generally be more expensive than traditional gas or fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This is because electric bikes require less cost to use.

Perks with Arrow 10 Electric Bike

One potential perk of the Arrow 10 electric bike is its price. Compared to traditional bicycles, electric bikes can be significantly more expensive due to the added technology and components. The Arrow 10 is no exception, and its price may be prohibitive for some consumers who are on a tight budget. Additionally, while the Arrow 10 offers many features and benefits, such as a long-range battery and powerful motor, these features also contribute to its higher price point.

Another potential perk of the Arrow 10 electric bike is its weight. Electric bikes tend to be heavier than traditional bicycles due to the added weight of the motor, battery, and other components. While the Arrow 10 is designed to be lightweight and compact, it still weighs in at around 50 pounds, which can be difficult to handle for some riders. This added weight can make it challenging to transport the bike, especially if you need to carry it upstairs or lift it onto a bike rack.

Additionally, the added weight can make the bike feel less agile and nimble, which can be a drawback for riders who value speed and maneuverability.

How Arrow 10 Electric Bike Might be a Better Option?

The ARROW10 offers the ideal combination of long endurance and power to give you the ride of your life. If you want to explore new trails, broaden your weekly ride routes, and have some fun while doing so, the EP-ARROW10 is the ideal choice for you. The framework was built out of aluminum alloy, renowned for its equally robust, lightweight, and amazingly responsive ability. The human body dynamics were considered when designing the frame’s structure. You will have a pleasant riding experience thanks to the dual-cylinder hydraulic disk brake, and high-strength suspension fork included in this bike.


In conclusion, the Arrow 10 Electric Bike is an excellent choice for those seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. Its sleek design and efficient motor make it a great alternative to traditional bicycles, and its range and speed make it suitable for city and suburban riding. While it may not be suitable for extreme off-road riding, it is a versatile and practical choice for commuting, recreation, and adventure. Overall, the Arrow 10 Electric Bike is a well-designed, reliable electric bike that provides an exciting and enjoyable riding experience.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Arrow 10 Electric Bike has a maximum speed of 20 mph, which is suitable for city and suburban riding.

The range of the Arrow 10 Electric Bike varies depending on factors such as the rider’s weight, terrain, and weather conditions. However, on average, the bike ranges around 30-50 miles on a single charge.

While the Arrow 10 Electric Bike has sturdy tires and can handle some off-road terrain, it is primarily designed for city and suburban riding. It is not recommended for extreme off-road riding.

The Arrow 10 Electric Bike typically takes 4-6 hours to fully charge, depending on the battery capacity and the charger used.

Yes, the Arrow 10 Electric Bike can be ridden without electric assistance. The bike is equipped with a traditional pedal system, and riders can choose to have pedal assist, ride the bike manually or use the electric motor for assistance.

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