The Giant Revolt 2 Cycle: Exploring the Future of Gravel Riding

The Giant Revolt 2 Cycle: Exploring the Future of Gravel Riding

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The world of cycling is experiencing rapid innovation, leading to more specialized bicycles for various uses, and the Gravel Bike is a product of this innovation. One such bike that has taken the gravel riding world by storm is the Giant Revolt 2. Known for its versatility, robustness, and performance, the Revolt 2 has been hailed as a game-changer. Here is an in-depth look at the features and specifications that make this bike stand out.

Sizing and Color Options

The Giant Revolt 2 comes in a variety of sizes: XS, S, M, M/L, L, and XL. This allows riders of varying heights and build to find the perfect fit for comfort and performance. Color choices, Black Diamond and Sapphire, add to the appeal of the bike, providing options for individual style preferences.

Frame and Fork

The frame, the core of the bicycle, is lightweight aluxx aluminum frame, which is light but strong. The bike employs a 12x142mm thru-axle, enhancing stiffness and overall handling. It also uses disc brakes and features a unique flip chip dropout. The flip chip allows riders to alter the bike’s geometry subtly, switching between a “short” and “long” position, accommodating different tire sizes and riding conditions. This feature can be beneficial for riders who value versatility but might seem unnecessary for others preferring a simpler, unchanging setup.

The Revolt 2’s fork is Advanced-Grade Composite with a full-composite OverDrive steerer, which improves steering precision. As with the frame, the fork uses a 12mm thru-axle and is compatible with disc brakes.

Handlebars, Grips, and Stem

Ergonomics plays a key role in the Revolt 2’s design. The Giant Contact XR Ergo-Control handlebar varies in size based on the bike’s size, ensuring proportional, comfortable handling. Cork tape with gel grips offers improved comfort over long rides, but it may require more upkeep than traditional rubber grips.

The bike also features a Giant Contact stem, adjustable by 8 degrees, to fine-tune the riding position. Like the handlebars, the stem size also varies with the bike size.

Seating and Pedaling

For seating, the Revolt 2 has a Giant Approach saddle coupled with a Giant D-Fuse alloy seatpost. The D-Fuse seatpost is designed to flex slightly, absorbing shocks and vibrations and thus improving comfort during long rides or rough terrains. However, this feature may not appeal to riders seeking a rigid, fully-connected feel.

The FSA Vero Pro crankset features a 2×9 Shimano Sora gear setup. This wide range of gearing ensures that riders can conquer various terrains, whether climbing steep gradients or speeding on flats. The lack of pedals in the package, however, might require riders to make an additional purchase.

Braking and Wheel System

The Revolt 2 uses Tektro MD-C550 mechanical disc brakes. These are reliable and provide excellent stopping power in various weather conditions. The bike uses Giant S-X2 Disc wheelset, providing a balance of durability and performance. The included tires are Giant CrossCut AT 2, 700x38c, tubeless-ready. The tubeless system enhances the ride quality by reducing the risk of flats and allowing lower tire pressures for better traction.

Weight Considerations

Giant does not provide a specific weight for the Revolt 2, as it varies with size, finish, hardware, and accessories. The brand emphasizes that all their bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality. It’s always best to check with your local dealer to determine the bike’s exact weight according to your specific requirements.

Additional Features: De-Fuse, Flip-Chip Dropout, Tubeless System, and More

Let’s delve a bit more into the bike’s high-tech features:

De-Fuse Technology

The D-Fuse technology, applied to the seatpost and handlebar, is Giant’s innovative response to the harshness of gravel and rough roads. This technology allows for a slight movement (flex) in these components to absorb shocks without affecting the structural integrity or adding significant weight. The result is a more comfortable, less fatiguing ride, particularly on longer, tougher routes. On the downside, riders who prefer a solid, unyielding feel may find this slight flex disconcerting.

Flip-Chip Dropout

The flip-chip dropout is an ingenious feature that lets riders subtly alter the bike’s geometry. By flipping a small chip on the bike’s linkage, you can switch between two positions – “short” and “long.” The “short” position provides quicker handling, while the “long” allows for greater stability, especially at high speeds or on challenging terrains. It also affects the maximum tire size that can be accommodated: 42mm for the “short” and 53mm for the “long” position. While this feature increases versatility, riders with a single specific use in mind may find it unnecessary.

Tubeless System

The Giant Revolt 2 comes tubeless-prepared, which has several advantages. A tubeless system eliminates tubes, reducing the risk of flats. It allows for lower tire pressure, improving traction and creating a smoother ride over rough surfaces. However, setting up tubeless tires can be a bit challenging for those unfamiliar with the process, and they may require more maintenance than traditional tires.

Aluminum Gel Stem: Giant Contact

The stem, the component that connects the handlebars to the fork steerer, is a critical part of a bike’s anatomy. On the Revolt 2, you’ll find the Giant Contact, an aluminum stem filled with gel. This unique design offers additional vibration dampening, leading to a more comfortable riding experience, especially on challenging surfaces.

Head Tube and Seat Tube Lengths

The head tube length and seat tube length vary depending on the size of the bike, ensuring an optimal riding position for cyclists of different heights. These measurements are critical as they directly impact your riding comfort and efficiency. By providing a range of sizes, Giant ensures that riders can find a Revolt 2 that perfectly matches their body dimensions.

Rear Dropout Adjusts Wheelbase

One of the standout features of the Revolt 2 is its rear dropout’s ability to adjust the wheelbase. This ingenious feature comes to life in the bike’s “flip-chip” system, which allows riders to subtly alter the bike’s geometry and performance characteristics.

Flip Chip Position and Tire Clearance

The flip chip system lets you switch between “short” and “long” positions. This change doesn’t just affect the bike’s handling – it also impacts tire clearance. In the “short” flip chip position, the bike can accommodate tires up to 42mm wide, while in the “long” position, the clearance increases to 53mm. This flexibility means you can customize the bike to fit specific ride conditions or personal preferences.

Giant MPH Rotors: Reliable Stopping Power

The Revolt 2 uses Tektro MD-C550 mechanical disc brakes, paired with Giant MPH rotors. These 160mm rotors ensure efficient heat dispersion and provide powerful, reliable stopping power under various conditions – a crucial safety aspect, particularly when tackling unpredictable gravel terrain.

Bracket Drop, Wheelbase, and Tire Clearance

The bracket drop, or the vertical distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the wheelbase (the line between the front and rear wheels), affects the bike’s handling and stability. A more substantial bracket drop leads to a lower center of gravity, which increases stability – a crucial factor when navigating challenging gravel terrain.

As we’ve already discussed, the Revolt 2’s wheelbase can be adjusted via the flip chip system in the rear dropout. This adjustability, combined with the significant tire clearance, makes the Revolt 2 an incredibly versatile bike that can handle a wide variety of riding conditions.

Final Thoughts

The Giant Revolt 2 is an impressive example of a modern gravel bike. Its robust construction, comfortable setup, and innovative features like the D-Fuse technology, flip-chip dropout, and tubeless system make it an excellent option for both beginners and experienced riders venturing into gravel riding.

Yet, as with any product, it’s not without potential downsides. Some riders may find certain features unnecessary or over-engineered, depending on their specific use cases. It is always recommended to give the bike a test ride, get a feel of the features, and consult with experts before making a purchase.

Regardless of your decision, one thing is sure: the Giant Revolt 2 embodies the spirit of innovation that keeps pushing the world of cycling forward.

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