Giant Trance X 1 Bike: A Comprehensive Review

Giant Trance X 1 Bike: A Comprehensive Review

Giant Trance X 1 Bike

The Giant Trance X 1 bike is a sterling model in the world of mountain biking. It comes with great climbing and descending performances. Having quick mobility along with other features, makes this ebike a good choice for mountain biking.
This review delves deeper into the various specs and features of this bike, aiming to provide you with an insight on why the Giant Trance X 1 might be your next great cycling investment.

Specs and Features of Giant Trance X 1 Bike

Here are the core specs and features you need to know about this bike:

27.5-Inch Wheels Offering Agility and Control

Giant Trance X 1 has 27.5-inch wheels, a feature that gives the bike an excellent balance between stability and nimbleness. This wheel size gives you control over mobility, allowing you to move through winding trails and sharp corners with ease and precision. You can swiftly shift between lines, dodge rocks, roots, and make quick, split-second changes in direction.
Imagine you are in the middle of an adrenaline-pumping downhill ride on an uneven surface with the path filled with obstacles. The Giant Trance X 1, offers you good control, and you can move swiftly through every obstacle and take turns around sharp corners due to the 27.5-inch wheels.

Adjustable Frame Geometry

One of the most impressive features of the Trance X 1 is its adjustable frame geometry. This means you can modify the bike’s head and seat tube angles and the bottom bracket height to suit your riding style and the terrain you are tackling. Whether you’re climbing steep slopes or cruising down rugged trails, you can customize the bike’s configuration to get optimal performance.

For example, if you’re planning a ride on a steep and rocky trail, you might want to lower the bottom bracket for increased stability. On the other hand, if you’re setting out on a smoother terrain where speed is essential, adjusting the seat tube angle for a more upright riding position would be beneficial. This level of customization is what sets the Trance X 1 apart.

Progressive Suspension

The progressive suspension system of the Trance X 1 offers exceptional ride quality, whether you’re cruising on a flat trail or navigating a rocky mountain. The bike absorbs shock with incredible efficiency, ensuring that your ride is smooth and comfortable even on the most challenging terrain.
Let’s visualize a situation where you’re pedaling hard on a rough trail with lots of bumps and drops. Thanks to the Trance X 1’s progressive suspension, your bike smoothly absorbs the impact, allowing you to maintain your speed and control without the jarring effect that could throw off your balance.

Maestro Suspension Technology

One of the key features that set the Giant Trance X 1 apart is its unique Maestro Suspension Technology. This system provides a fully active, independent rear suspension that helps keep your wheels firmly on the ground, ensuring maximum control and minimal bounce.

Picture yourself tackling a high-speed descent with plenty of bumps and jumps. With other bikes, your rear wheel might bounce and skip, reducing your control and efficiency. But the Maestro Suspension Technology ensures your wheel tracks the ground, soaking up the bumps and enhancing your control. It also helps in minimizing pedal bob, increasing the efficiency of your ride.

Let’s see how this bike improves the whole mountain biking experience.

Riding Impressions: Feel the Difference

The Giant Trance X 1 isn’t just a bike; it’s a testament to technological advancement. The moment you hop onto the Trance X 1, you’ll feel an immediate difference. The bike provides an unparalleled riding experience, proving to be incredibly responsive and nimble.

The Trance X 1’s Maestro Suspension Technology offers smooth rides even on the roughest terrains. Whether you’re descending at high speed or facing multiple jumps and bumps, the bike absorbs shocks effectively, keeping your ride smooth and controlled.

Climbing Experience: Reach New Heights

When it comes to climbing capabilities, the Trance X 1 truly shines. Thanks to its adjustable frame geometry and progressive suspension, the bike effortlessly adapts to steep terrains, offering exceptional climbing efficiency.

The bike’s rear suspension, powered by the Maestro Suspension Technology, keeps the wheel firmly grounded, providing maximum traction. This means even during steep climbs, the Trance X 1 allows you to maintain your momentum, reducing the energy you need to reach the top.

Riding Impressions & Descending Performance

While the Trance X 1’s climbing prowess is impressive, its descending performance is where this bike truly shines. Due to the Maestro Suspension Technology, the bike provides impressive control and shock absorption when descending.
Picture yourself on a challenging downhill trail. As you gather speed, the Trance X 1 remains steadfast, its suspension system effectively soaking up shocks from the terrain, allowing you to maintain control and stability.

Superior Tires for Superior Control

The Giant Trance X 1 comes equipped with high-quality tires that complement its overall performance. These tires provide excellent grip and traction, ensuring stable rides across various terrains. The knobby tire pattern bites into the ground, whether it’s a loose, gravelly surface or a wet, muddy trail, offering dependable control and stability.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced Perspective

To provide a well-rounded perspective, let’s delve into the advantages and potential drawbacks of the Trance X 1.


  1. Excellent Suspension System: With the Maestro Suspension Technology, the Trance X 1 provides smooth and controlled rides even on rough terrains.
  2. Superior Descending Performance: The bike’s suspension and wheel size contribute to its impressive descending capabilities, ensuring stability and control at high speeds.
  3. Adjustable Frame Geometry: This feature allows riders to modify the bike’s configuration to suit different terrains and riding styles, making the Trance X 1 highly versatile.
  4. Quality Tires: The high-grip tires ensure reliable performance across various surfaces, enhancing the overall riding experience.


  1. Price: The Giant Trance X 1 is a high-end model and may be a significant investment for some riders. However, its superior features and performance often justify the price.
  2. Weight: Some riders may find the bike slightly heavier than other models in its category. This could slightly affect maneuverability and speed, especially on uphill climbs.

Final Thoughts

The Giant Trance X 1 is a versatile and high-performing mountain bike that offers a balanced and thrilling ride on various terrains. Its descending capabilities and superior suspension system make it a standout choice for mountain biking enthusiasts.
Although the price and weight could be potential drawbacks for some, its performance, adjustability, and overall ride experience make it a worthy investment for many. Therefore, if you’re seeking a bike that promises both adventure and reliability, the Giant Trance X 1 could be an excellent choice.


Most frequent questions and answers

Maestro Suspension Technology is Giant’s patented suspension system. It utilizes four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating pivot point. This design offers excellent shock absorption and maintains tire contact with the ground, improving traction and control during rides.

The 27.5-inch wheel size strikes a balance between control and agility. These smaller wheels offer quick responsiveness, which is ideal for precise navigation through winding paths or tight corners. However, they’re large enough to ensure stability during high-speed rides.

The adjustable frame geometry allows you to change the bike’s setup according to your riding style or the terrain. For example, if you’re tackling a steep climb, you can adjust the frame to optimize power output and climbing efficiency. For descents, the bike can be configured to enhance stability and control.

Unlike traditional linear suspension systems that offer a constant spring rate, a progressive suspension system increases the spring rate as the suspension compresses. This helps to prevent the bike from bottoming out on larger impacts, ensuring a smoother ride on rough terrains.

The Trance X 1 comes with high-quality, durable tires designed for excellent traction on various terrains. The deep treads on the tires dig into loose or wet ground, providing a firm grip that helps maintain stability during rides.

While the Trance X 1 offers many advantages, it has a couple of potential drawbacks. It falls on the expensive end of the spectrum, which might deter budget-conscious riders. Also, some riders may find the bike slightly heavy, potentially affecting maneuverability during uphill climbs.

The Trance X 1 is versatile and adjustable, making it suitable for a wide range of riders, including beginners. However, due to its high-end features and price, it might be more appropriate for serious enthusiasts or those planning to make mountain biking a regular activity.

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