5 Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seats

5 Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seats

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Electric bikes are gaining more popularity as they offer an amazing cycling experience for short trips in the city, on highways, and in the country. They are perfect for beating traffic and cheaper as they run on electricity efficiently. E-bikes with passenger seats are even better if you have a travel partner.

A bike that is electric with a passenger seat can help two people travel for cheap. The riders won’t get tired from pedaling and they can enjoy their trip more than they would in a car or bus.

If you are considering buying an e-bike with a passenger seat, this guide is a must-read for you. We have compared the 5 best e-bikes with a passenger seat based on their features, reliability, and cycling experiences they can offer.

But before we dive into it, let’s look at why a passenger seat on an e-bike is a great addition.

Benefits of Electric Bikes with Passenger Seats

Electric bikes with passenger seats offer several advantages over traditional bikes or even electric bikes without passenger seats. Here are just a few of the benefits of using an electric bike with a passenger seat:

Share a Ride: Having a passenger seat means that you can take your friend or a loved one with you on your ride. Whether you are commuting to work, running errands, or having a leisure ride, having some company feels great.

More Space: A passenger seat also means that you have more space on the bike. You can wrap your luggage on the seat, and offer to drop your co-worker when they don’t have a ride.

Better Stability: E-bikes with passenger seats can offer better stability as compared to a regular e-bike because they are built to carry more weight when riding.

Added Safety: Because the second passenger can be a child, these e-bikes are designed while keeping in mind the safety of another passenger, especially a child. This is why it often comes with footpegs and a small passenger backrest.

If you want to travel with a family member or a friend having an electric bike with a passenger seat and it’s still better than buying two e-bikes. they can be a perfect ride to buy groceries or go to work together, have a day out, and transport luggage or other items with you.

Review of Top 5 Electric Bikes with A Passenger Seat

1. TERN QUICK HAUL P9 Electric Bike Review

Tern Quick Haul P9 features a folding frame design that allows for easy transportation and storage. The bike is equipped with a 250W electric motor and a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, aiding up to 20 mph. In a single charge cycle, it can run up to 50 miles.

Battery: The P9 model comes with a 36V 11Ah Lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge. The 400 W battery is easily removable for charging or storage.

Frame: The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and features a folding design for easy transportation and storage. The frame has been designed for a comfortable, upright riding position. Tern’s Quick Haul P9 e-bike only weighs 50 pounds, which makes it easy to pick up the e-bike, load it on a truck, or park anywhere with great ease. It can easily be maneuvered into tight spaces.

Motor: The bike is equipped with a 250W 65Nm Bosch Performance Sport electric motor that can go up to a speed of 20-28 mph. The motor is positioned in the rear wheel hub, providing a balanced weight distribution. The motor aids when pedaling, allowing the rider to tackle hills and headwinds with ease. The motor is also integrated into the bike’s 9-speed drivetrain, providing a seamless and natural riding experience.

Suspension: The P9 model is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a front suspension fork that offers a smooth ride. This makes it a perfect bike for riding in the city where you might have to apply brakes quickly as well as off-road where the terrains are rough.

Handle Display: The handlebar-mounted display shows speed, distance, battery level, and assistance level. The display is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for the rider to access and interpret the information while riding the bike. The display is also backlit, for nighttime travel. Some models have additional features such as GPS and navigation. The display is powered by the central battery along with other sensors.

Tires: The tires are also wider than traditional bike tires, providing improved stability and traction, especially on rough or uneven surfaces making it one of the best electric with passenger seat. The reflective side walls improve visibility and look aesthetically pleasing.

Solid built frame that is also lightweight Charging time is longer than most e-bikes within this price range
High passenger and cargo limit (the back seat alone can support up to 110 pounds) The suspension could have been better
Plenty of room for accessories  
Long-lasting and high-quality motor, battery, and parts  
Hydraulic brakes for quick stops and improved control in rugged environments  
Low center of gravity that balances the weight properly  
Top notch backlit display for nigh time use  

Why do We Recommend it?

Tern’s Quick Haul P9 e-bike is not just an e-bike with a passenger seat, it offers a fun experience along with stability and GPS navigation. The e-bike’s body is adaptable to most environments and offers a high weight capacity. The hydraulic brakes and a powerful Bosch motor also make it an excellent off-road bike.

2. RADWAGON 4 Electric Bike Review

Motor: The 750W Bafang motor is an electric power-assisted one for a smooth ride. It has several power levels to adjust as per varying terrains. The pedal assist function gives better control along with multiple riding modes for customized performance. It offers a maximum speed of 28 mph at its highest setting.

Battery: The RADWAGON 4 electric cargo bike comes with a removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can go as long as 45 miles on a single charge. The 672 W/h Samsung battery can be charged at a standard wall outlet. The Li-ion battery is long-lasting and reliable in most weather conditions.

Frame: The durable alloy frame has an adjustable stem and handlebars for a comfortable riding position. The low step-through frame allows easy mounting and dismounting onto surfaces. The integrated sturdy cargo rack can carry groceries, luggage, and other items. The 47 inches tall and 78 inches long e-bike frame makes it a perfect e-bike for two tall individuals. The wide wheelbase offers it greater stability and the long fenders protect it from mud splashes.

Suspension: The suspension fork is designed for a smoother ride on rough roads. The disc breaks offer incredible stopping power. The front wheel can move vertically, typically between 50mm and 100mm, to absorb shocks and vibrations from rough roads.

Display: The display is easy to use even in direct sunlight. The display shows speed, battery life, and other relevant information.

Tires: The length of the tires is around 20 inches, but it is only 3 inches wide. Which makes it suitable for riding on roads only. The air is filled to the perfect pressure that ensures a comfortable ride. The durable rubber construction helps give it a long-lasting performance and the knobby tread pattern for increased grip on loose or slippery surfaces.

Large battery capacity, suitable for a long journey Low-quality suspension
Easy mounting and dismounting on a trunk rack or for storage Rear wheel maintenance or replacement can be expensive
Puncture-proof tires that offer the best experience on rough roads and paths Long frame that makes transport and storage difficult
Powerful geared motor for better climbing and hauling  
Low center of gravity offers more stability  

Why do We Recommend it?

The Radwagon 4 is a great e-bike with a passenger seat. The large frame is perfect for tall individuals, and the motor, brakes, and tire offer the best riding experience for travel within the city and on highways.

3. ARIEL RIDER GRIZZLY Electric Bike Review

Ariel Rider Grizzly has multiple assist levels and throttle control for an exertional riding experience. The frame weighs around 60 pounds only but can support weights up to 330 pounds. The aluminum frame is very elegant and hides the battery for exquisite aesthetics.

The large headlight similar to a motorbike and the backlit display makes it an exceptionally safe e-bike for traveling at night. The puncture-resistant tires are also 4 inches wide which improves the e-bike’s overall stability.

Motor: The powerful 750W and 1000W Bafang (variant) motor can speed up to 28 to 36 mph. The assist pedal has several levels to adjust speed.

Battery: The motor is powered by a removable 48V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery is designed for long-range riding that can travel up to 75 miles per charge cycle. The Samsung/LG cells give 800 charge cycles in a lifetime which makes it a very reliable one.

Suspension: The high-quality front and rear suspension can ensure a smooth ride on the roughest terrains. The CNC machined forks are adjustable and give riders good control and confidence when riding and hitting higher speed levels.

High power motor that enhances performance uphill and offers greater speed Frame weighs 120 pounds which makes transport and storage difficult
Long range battery pack that can travel 75 miles on a single charge Seat height is fixed which can be problematic for shorter individuals
The aesthetics are amazing, the battery is hidden inside the frame  
Consistent braking with top-notch hydraulic brakes  
Adjustable front fork and ultimate suspension control  
Puncture resistant wide ties for better braking  

Why do We Recommend it?

As the grizzly name suggests, this e-bike is built and performance matches that of a grizzly bear. The long-range battery and high-power motor with a wide tire give you the ultimate riding experience in the country and on the road. The passenger seat and foot pads also allow a twin riding experience and safety when traveling with a child.

4. HYPERSCRAMBLER 2 Electric Bike Review

The HyperScrambler 2 is a versatile electric bike that is perfect for commuting, leisure riding, and exploring off-road trails. With its powerful motor, high-capacity battery, and stylish design, the HyperScrambler 2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and fun electric bike with a passenger seat.

Motor: The e-bike is equipped with a 750W Bafang rear hub motor which provides powerful and efficient propulsion to the e-bike when riding, owing to its streamlined shape. The motor allows speeds up to 28 mph. The motor is integrated into the rear wheel for improved performance and aesthetics.

Battery: The removable 52V 14Ah lithium-ion battery provides long-range power for extended rides and can be easily removed for charging. On one charge, the e-bike can travel up to 100 miles.

Frame: The aluminum frame weighs only 60 pounds which makes the bike quite lightweight to maneuver into tight spots that is perfect for traveling in the city. It can support weights up to 275 pounds.

Suspension: The double suspension (both front and rear fork) helps to provide a smooth ride on rough terrain and helps to absorb shock and vibrations. The rear suspension is a dual shock system, further helping to absorb shock and vibrations and improve overall ride comfort.

Tires: The HyperScarmbler 2 has the best tires compared to other e-bikes on our list. The 4.25 inches wide tires offer the best riding experience of all kinds of paths. Even on the most rugged terrains, the puncture-resistant tires give a spectacular riding experience.

Best long-range battery that can go up to 100 miles in a single charge The tires lack fender which is a very crucial element
Several safety features along with passenger seat such as safety accents, hydraulic brakes, kickstand etc. The weight limit is lower compared to most other e-bikes in the same price range
Bright headlight for nighttime travel  
Plush padded seats  
Best performance with a powerful motor and speed levels  
USB ports to charge phones on the same battery  

Why do We Recommend it?

We recommend HyperScrambler 2 because of the best battery range, high speed, security features and wide tires that improve safety on and off road. The passenger seat along with the rider’s seat is also very comfortable and adjustable according to their respective heights.


Motor: The Bike Friday Haul-A-Day electric bike is equipped with a 350 Wh Bosch Performance Line motor. This motor provides reliable and efficient propulsion for the bike, allowing for speeds up to 20 mph. The motor is integrated into the rear wheel for improved performance and a streamlined design. The exact model of the Bosch Performance Line motor used on the Haul-A-Day may vary.

Battery: The 430 Wh Lithium-ion battery can be charged at a regular wall-mounted socket. Each full charge allows a ride of 55 miles.

Frame: The frame weighs only 33 pounds but can support up to 420 pounds. The rear cargo and passenger limit is also 200 pounds. You can also customize the handlebar and flat bar as per your body type and the style you prefer. It can also be easily disassembled for easy transportation.

Tires: The tires are 4 inches wide that offer a fairly better grip than most other e-bikes on all kinds of terrains.

Best long-range battery that can go up to 100 miles in a single charge The tires lack fender which is a very crucial element
Several safety features along with passenger seat such as safety accents, hydraulic brakes, kickstand etc. The weight limit is lower compared to most other e-bikes in the same price range
Bright headlight for nighttime travel  
Plush padded seats  
Best performance with a powerful motor and speed levels  
USB ports to charge phones on the same battery  

Why do We Recommend it?

The e-bike is great for travelling if you and the passenger you want to travel with collectively weigh around 300 pounds as the weight distribution of the e-bike is poor. But other features are marvelous; including the adjustable frame, the aesthetically pleasing design, room for accessories and racks as well as a good range of 55 miles.


Choosing an e-bike with a passenger seat is a personal and emotional decision. As long as you know what to look for in your new e-bike, this guide will surely help you make an informed buying decision.

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Yes, if the bike is built to support the weight of two individuals and comes with a passenger seat, it is safe to ride. Some ebike with passenger seats can support up to 420 pounds of weight.

There are plenty of e-bikes built for heavy individuals that you can choose from. It is important to check the payload of the e-bike before you buy it.

Yes, most e-bikes are built with passenger seats and can carry a passenger as heavy as 180 pounds.

Leisurely e-bike rides and long drives can feel very soothing especially if you are an e-bike enthusiast or like to travel or drive around your favorite location. To make sure that your e-bike long drive goes uninterrupted and as per plan, choose an e-bike that offers the right features such as battery, speed levels and is adapted for the environments you wish to travel to.

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