The 48 Volt Battery for Electric Bike: Complete Review

The 48 Volt Battery for Electric Bike: Complete Review

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Whether you’re a cross country mountain biker with a good motor or you use a casual commuting electric bike for your day-to-day transportation. There’s one thing all e-bikers need and it’s a battery. For someone who does a little of both, out of all the batteries available online, the 48 volt battery for electric bike battery was the ideal purchase for my electric two-wheeler (Wooken ebike).

Let me tell you about my experience with it.

In addition to this review on the RidingNexus blog, It is written by Andrea Pina (an electric bike enthusiast) from Colombia.

electric bike battery 48volt review

Usage Experience With Hill Climbing

With its great capacity, the battery performed satisfactorily, especially when I used it for hill climbing. As for its usage, during my 45 km trips on pavements and dirt roads, it exceeded expectations due to it going up to a speed of 35 mph. With the use of my throttle, considering my weight of 52 kg on a 70.3 cm bike.

When I finally arrived at my destination, I noticed that only a little over 50% of battery power had been used making it more than perfect for my transportation needs.

I find that it can last for longer distances (65-80 km) with only one charge. My 48v lithium ion battery uses about 500W to 1000W depending on the distance I travel.

Added Features

I usually commute on my bike 4.5 km about 3 – 4 days, depending on the week. Using the 48v battery e-bike really helps me save up on bus and metro fares. Not to mention avoid the rising gas prices.

As someone who wanted to reduce her carbon footprint while getting to places a little faster than a regular bike, I realized that using the battery was a great alternative for non-renewable fuel on my bike.

I would probably buy the same battery again as I was satisfied with the first one. Plus, it came with a key so I could lock it in my bike frame. This added safety feature made me feel more comfortable leaving it in public ebike racks.

Battery and Charging

Fair warning, after I use it, I never let the battery drop under 30-35% to avoid damaging it, even though it’s protected from over-discharge and overcharge. Better safe than sorry.

I also found out the hard way to never store the battery in areas with high temperatures as the heat could affect its performance and even ruin its power efficiency.

That being said, when I charge the battery, it only takes about 4.5 hours to get to 5 bars using the 4 amp cable charger it came with. It’s also convenient because it has a USB port to charge my phone when I go on rides. I find that especially helpful. In case of an emergency, I’ll always have a full charge on my phone.

So, for the question about do you need a 48 volt battery charger for electric bike separately? My answer will be no. There is no need to buy an expensive bike charger separately if you are using 48 volt electric bike battery

Lithium ion battery pack (48v) Setup in Bike

Mounting the battery on my bike’s downtube was simple. The 48V 10AH electric battery was easy to assemble as it came with its own mounting base. The battery only weighed 4.7kgs and its dimensions were compatible with my bike. I used tight straight Velcro straps to attach it to the downtube which made it removable, for when I just feel like pedaling without the use of my motor.


I am very happy with the purchase of 48v 10ah lithium ion battery. As I mentioned before, I would 100% buy it again and if you consider it to be compatible with your ebike, I highly recommend it and implore you to experience it yourself as it not only suited my ebike but also my lifestyle.

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Most frequent questions and answers

It truly depends on the brand, but if you know how to take care of it, it can last between 2-3 years.

Again, it depends on the brand, but prices can range from 197$ up to 490$.

It depends on the AH (capacity) of the battery. Roughly, It can go from 30 km to 60 km per charge.

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