Guide on Picking the Best Electric Dirt Bike For a Teenager

Guide on Picking the Best Electric Dirt Bike For a Teenager

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Age doesn’t matter in riding bikes. Have you seen videos of kids riding small electric dirt bikes? It’s not just cute but also cool! If kids can learn how to ride an electric dirt bike, then teenagers can, too. But what’s so fascinating about these bikes? Why can young people use them in a breeze? Discover more below.

What is an Electric Dirt Bike?

It’s a type of bike that uses a motor and battery instead of gasoline. It is less noisy, more powerful, and needs less maintenance than regular dirt bikes.

It has no gears or clutch, making it easier to ride. It is also not that heavy, so it is an excellent choice for kids, teenagers, and beginners. Interested? Here are the things you must consider when buying one for a teenager.

Things to Consider While Buying an Electric Dirt Bike for a Teenager

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The dirt bike experience for teenagers should be exciting, pleasant, and safe. Whether it is for yourself or you would like to gift it to someone, keep these things in mind:

The Correct Seat Height

Measure the height of the seat correctly to match the size of the one who will ride. It should not be too high or too low. When they wish to rest their feet on the ground, having the incorrect height will make it difficult for them. But with the right one, they will have a more pleasant ride. It will also prevent them from tumbling over.

The Color and Design

Let’s be honest; it adds excitement when we receive something in our favorite color. Even more, teenagers are very particular with colors and designs. Nowadays, they call it “aesthetics.” You might want to ask them what color and design they like. If the bike is a surprise gift, ask their friends or observe their inclinations.

Safety Essentials

Even professional riders need these. So, always remember to get safety gear like a helmet, gloves, boots, eye protection, and knee and elbow pads. Of course, you have to choose the suitable sizes to fit them. Often being adventurous, teenagers need to wear these every ride.

The Brand

The are many brands from which you can choose. Determining the brand matters because each offers electric dirt bikes with manifold features. Know the right ones for the teenage rider. You can base it on whether they will use it for competition or as a simple hobby. See below options to buy the best electric dirt bike for teenager.

Best Electric Dirt Bike For a Teenager

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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross

  • They made it of alloy steel material for safety and durability.
  • It weighs 11.88 lbs.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • The dimension is 24.5 x 31 x 44 inches.
  • Riders may reach speeds of up to 14 mph (22 km/h) with up to 30 minutes of continuous use.
  • It has a high-torque, rear-wheel chain-drive system that gives it more power and grip.
  • It has riser-style handlebars with adjustable angles and pneumatic tires. The kickstand is retractable. It also has a hand-operated rear brake.
  • They sized it down for riders ages 13 and up who weigh up to 64 kg.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Adult & Teen Ride

  • They made it of an all-steel frame.
  • It weighs 112 lbs.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • The dimension is 24.5 x 34 x 52.5 inches.
  • Powered by a chain-driven, high-torque, 650-watt motor. It can go up to 15 mph (24 km/h) and is great for ages 14 and older.
  • It has 16-inch front and 14-inch rear pressurized tires to smoothen bumpy roads. It also has metal foot pegs that fold up.
  • It is stable off-road and can hold up to 79 kg of rider weight.

KTM SX-E 5 Minicross

  • They used high-strength Chromoly steel for the frame. For the subframe, they used fiberglass-reinforced plastic.
  • It weighs around 40 kg.
  • The seat height moves anywhere between 665 and 615 mm.
  • It has 5 kW battery power and 10.2 ft-lb of torque.
  • The speed is around 45 mph, and the horsepower is approximately 6.7 bhp.
  • It has premium disk front and rear brakes, and the wheels are lightweight. Their rims are black anodized aluminum.
  • It has NEKEN handlebars with protective crash pads. These save the rider from rough impacts.
  • A great deal for how well it performs, how sturdy it is, and how much confidence it gives the teenage rider.

Delfast Prime 2.0

  • They made it with reinforced steel aluminum.
  • The weight is about 128 lbs.
  • It has an adjustable seat height between 29” and 36.”
  • The motor power is 1.5 kW (122 bhp, 99.6 ft-lbs).
  • Its speed is 28 mph, but you can upgrade it to 37 mph.
  • Its most remarkable feature is its 236-mile range in Eco mode.

Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike

  • Its body is alloy steel.
  • The weight is 34 lbs., so it can only carry 120 lbs (age 13).
  • It has a high-torque 250-watt motor. The throttle lets you change the speed of the chainless motor.
  • The speed can go up to 9 mph, which is safe for beginner youth.
  • It has tough 12-inch pneumatic tires. They help smooth out the ride on rough surfaces.
  • It has hand-operated rear disk brakes.

Segway X160

  • The body has an IP 67-grade waterproof lever. They made it of aluminum alloy.
  • It weighs 105.8 lbs and has the capacity of an 80 kg rider weight. It has an adjustable seat height.
  • Its motor has a nominal power of 300 watts and a maximum power of 3,000.
  • The top speed is 31mph, and 40.4 miles maximum range. The maximum torque is 184.3 FT-LBS.
  • The rear coil shock is adjustable, and the front shock has a single crown air shock that is also adjustable.
  • The brakes are both hydraulic front discs. It also has regenerative braking coming from the motor.
  • It has electronic throttle control.
  • Some of its parts are replaceable with those of regular motorcycles.
  • You can pair it with the Segway-Ninebot App to keep track of your stats and paths.

Segway Dirt eBike X260

  • They made the body of forged aluminum alloy, and its battery has IP 65-grade water resistant.
  • It has an adjustable seat height of up to 31.1 inches.
  • It weighs 121.3 lbs with up to 100 kg capacity.
  • Its top speed is 75km/h, with a range of 120km. The maximum torque is 184.6 FT-LBS.
  • The Front Shock Absorber System has an adjustable double-shoulder inverted front fork. The rear Shock Absorber System has Multi-link hydraulic spring central type. It also uses disk brakes.
  • It has electronic throttle control.
  • Some of its parts are replaceable with those of regular motorcycles.
  • Just like Segway X160, it is pairable with the Segway-Ninebot App.

Stealth H-52

  • They made the body with aircraft-grade Chromoly alloy.
  • It has an adjustable seat height of 162 cm, the lowest.
  • It weighs 105 lbs. and can carry as heavy as 120 kg.
  • Its top speed is 80 km/h with a range of 100km. The power is 3700W, and the max torque is approximately 88.50 FT-LBS.
  • The front suspension has an inverted double crown, and the rear one is a BDA35RC. The brake is Magura MT4 – Hydraulic 2 pistons.
  • The spoked carbon fiber rims have off-road Duro Razorback tires for all kinds of terrain.

Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

  • They made the body with aluminum and plastic.
  • It weighs 48.26 lbs and can carry a rider weight of up to 63 kg.
  • It can go up to 14 mph (22 km/h) and operate for up to 30 minutes.
  • With a 30-minute run time, it has a range of 11 km.
  • It has riser-style handlebars with adjustable angles. It has spoked wheels, 12″ pneumatic knobby tires, and a hand-operated brake.
  • It has genuine Jeremy McGrath graphics and MX-frame geometry.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Dirt Bike

  • They made it with forged aluminum alloy.
  • It weighs 260 lbs. and can support rider weight of up to 130 kg. The seat height is 36 inches.
  • The top speed is 68 mph, with a range of 93 miles at 31 mph.
  • Its motor power is 21.5kW (35.6 hp, 382 FT-LBS torque equivalent).
  • It comes with hydraulic disc brakes that fasten onto the front and rear rotors.
  • Its brakes also have an anti-lock braking system (ABS). It prevents the wheels from slipping and locking on the wet or gravelly ground.

Fastest Electric Dirt Bike

The 2023 Sur Ron Ultra Bee is, so far, the fastest electric dirt bike. Its peak power is 12.5kW, which gives the rear wheel 324.5 FT-LBS of torque. With all this power and battery space, the car can go 87 miles and has a top speed of 56 mph. What makes it cooler is that it has three riding modes: sport, eco, and daily. The reverse gear is button-activated. Regarding the body, they made it with forged aluminum alloy. It can carry up to 100 kg.

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We know that all you want for the teenager who will ride the electric dirt bike is to enjoy it. Aside from that, you want them to explore their skills. There are many brands and features you can think of. There’s the capacity, the speed, the height, and more. But always remember the important ones to consider especially safety. To narrow down your options, review this article. This is an excellent reference for the best electric dirt bikes for teenagers.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A dirt bike can go between 50 and 60 mph on average. In the end, these numbers will depend on several things. Those include the type of engine, the horsepower, and the terrain.

High performance and strong acceleration come from a 250cc dirt bike. Depending on the engine type, it can go as fast as 90 to 113 km/h (55 to 70 mph).

A dirt bike with a 24V motor, like Mototec 24v, can give the bike a top speed of 16 mph with its max setting.

A 48-Volt (1600 Watt) dirt bike can go 5 to 25 mph. Some dirt bikes have variable knobs that can adjust this.

An 800W dirt bike can go 15 mph. Electric Dirt Bike Neo Outlaw and Renegade Electric Mini Dirt Bike are some examples.

You can ride it without a driver’s license if the one you’re riding follows the laws (EN15194). If the bike has too much power, it is a road vehicle and needs registration and a driver’s license.

Kids aged three can enjoy riding small electric dirt bikes. One way to know if your kids are ready to ride a dirt bike is to see how well they can ride a simple bike.

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