11 Most Important Electric Bike Accessories to Have

11 Most Important Electric Bike Accessories to Have

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Having an electric bike is a great way to get around and stay active, but it can be even better if you have the right ebike accessories.

From comfort and safety items to security and storage, travel, maintenance, and more, adding the 11 best electric bike accessories can make your next ride a breeze.

Comfort and safety items like helmets, gloves, lights and reflectors will help you feel secure while riding.

And when it comes to storage, you can find racks that help you haul extra gear on your rides.

If you want to take your e-bike on the go or on a weekend camping trip, there are plenty of great ebike accessories like battery chargers, hard-shell cases and even foam wrap for bicycles.

Let’s dive right into it and discuss those staple items.

List of Must Have Electric Bike Accessories

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Getting the perfect electric bike setup is only complete with the right accessories. It’s like a chef assembling the ideal toolkit for their recipes.

Even the most talented cooks need a variety of tools to ensure their meals are perfectly prepared.

The same holds for electric bikes; having all the right ebike accessories allows you to get the most out of your ride and ensures you have all your needs covered, no matter where you’re headed or what kind of biking activities you enjoy.

Let’s jump into must have ultimate accessory to have in long rides.

E-Bike Helmets

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Bike helmet wearing is an absolute must when riding any bike, especially when considering an electric bike. Since e-bikes generally provide more speed and power than a regular bicycle, one wrong move could lead to a disastrous outcome without proper protection.

E-bike helmets protect the rider from potential dangers while cycling outdoors.

Helmets are usually made of lightweight materials, feature adjustable straps and ventilation systems, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors – making them just as much a fashion accessory as they are functional must have safety gear for a bike.

From long helmet tails for extra security to built-in visors for sunny days, there are several choices for you to choose from when shopping for your helmet to make sure it’s comfortable and protective. MTB helmets are most used by e-bike riders.

It’s one of the main critical ebike accessories to have on our list. See some of the best ebike helmets to buy online.

Bike Lights/ Headlights

electric bike lights, ebike lights, best ebike headlights

Lights don’t just help you see where you’re going but also make sure that drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists can see you at all times, even in low light conditions.

There are two types of lights to consider: front and rear.

Bright headlights will allow you to see what’s ahead of you, while reflective tail lights will ensure that cars and other riders can spot you from behind, keeping everyone safe and secure on the streets.

With the latest generation of LEDs offering up to 10 hours of battery life with bright lighting options, it’s easy to outfit your ride with powerful head and tail lights that won’t strain your battery or require frequent recharging.

These are also one of the must have ebike accessories on our list.

Electric Bike Racks

best electric bike rack, ebike racks, bike racks

These purpose-built racks make transporting and storing your e-bike much simpler and easier. Plus, they look great too!

Whether you’re looking to take your bike on vacation or want to store it in your garage, an e-bike rack ensures worry-free protection to keep your e bike intact.

Although a wide variety of racks are available on the market, the best e bike rack is built with durability and stability in mind.

From wall mount designs to folding varieties, you can be sure that these amazing accessories will keep your electric bike protected and securely in place. See some of the best biker racks to purchase online.

Waterproof Covers for Electric Bike

waterproof bike cover, bike cover, ebike cover

A waterproof cover is a lifes saving accessory for e bike riders. These protective covers are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind.

The cover fits snugly over the entire bike, including the handlebars, wheels, and saddle, providing complete protection against the elements.

A waterproof cover is especially important for those who store their electric bike outside, as it helps to prevent rust and other forms of weather-related damage.

Additionally, a waterproof cover makes it easier to keep your electric bike clean and free of debris, as it protects against dirt and dust buildup. E bike riders look more awesome when they are riding a clean bike.

Overall, a waterproof cover is a practical and cost-effective way to protect your electric bike investment and extend its lifespan.

Bike Mirrors

ebike mirrors, best bike mirrors, electric bike mirrors

Plan on taking those rough trails with extra confidence by equipping your electric bike with a must-have accessory – mirrors!

Not only are they convenient for checking behind you when riding in a group, but mirrors can also alert you of upcoming obstacles and help increase the overall safety of your ride.

When picking out the best options, fortunately, several e bikes mirrors can easily attach to your handlebars and offer a full view of what’s going on behind you without compromising performance or comfort.

Electric Bike Saddles

most comfortable electric bike seat, eike seat, best ebike seat

One critical item in your riding arsenal should be a good bike saddle.

A good saddle provides comfort while you’re cruising along and helps improve how well your bike operates.

Saddles come in many different styles, including those with extra cushioning, ventilation, or even designs for comfort with electric bikes.

Consider having saddle bike bags too for a long bike ride.

Bike Passenger Seat

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To ensure that you maximize your electric bike’s convenience, consider investing in a passenger seat accessory.

With this feature, you’ll be able to easily ferry your kids or other passengers along on your ride while having them remain safe and comfortable too.

Passenger seats usually have padded seats cushioning riders from bumps, a sturdy backrest for added support, and extra handles for balance so that everyone gets to their destination in one piece. Plus, it adds an extra stylish flair to any electric bike.

Bicycle Baskets

cyclist nutrition, cycling food, cycling nutrition

If you’re an electric bike enthusiast, adding a basket to your rig should be a priority! Besides looking stylish and making your bike look extra cute, baskets are amazingly versatile.

With the help of one, you can bring along groceries, picnic supplies or even pets for a ride. They add a little beauty to your bike frame.

Plus, most baskets come with secure straps so that everything is firmly mounted on your bike.

Some models even have adjustable heights and removable sides for when you want to carry bulky items.  

Cycling Shoes

showing best cycling shoes, ebike shoes, shoes for ebike

Cycling shoes are essential if you want your electric bike rides to be fast, efficient and comfortable.

Cycling shoes provide superior pedaling power over regular footwear as they feature stiffer soles and snugger fits, which results in better efficiency and more power when pedaling.

Cycling shoes also enable riders to get closer to the pedals, allowing them to access a fuller range of motion when pedaling.

As electric bikes offer higher speeds, cycling shoes give you better control and security so you can ride confidently.

Bottle Cages

saddle bags for electric bike, electric bike saddle bags

Are you a proud owner of an electric bike and looking to take your rides to the next level? If so, investing in bottle cages might be the accessory you need!

Bottle cages are essential for carrying hydration on long or short bike rides.

Plus, they make for a convenient alternative to backpacks – no more sweating from lugging around extra weight! Also, with modern bottle cage designs come a variety of sleek color profiles and styles for your electric bike.

So not only do bottle cages offer their practicality, but also an aesthetic on top of that.

Phone Mount

phone mount for bikes, ebikes phone mount

If you’re an avid e-bike rider, a phone mount is an absolute must-have accessory.

Why? Well, not only will it help keep your phone secure while you cycle, but it also enables you to stay connected and keep track of important information while on your journey.

With a phone mount attached to your bike, you can easily access all kinds of apps, from fitness and performance metrics to navigation and traffic updates – so you never miss a beat!

Not to mention all the cool hands-free settings for receiving calls or listening to music as you ride along.


Electric bikes offer a unique and convenient way to get around. To make the most of your ride, it’s important to invest in the right accessories for your ebike. There are plenty of great electric bike accessories, from cycling shoes for extra power and control when pedaling to phone mounts for easy access to navigation and performance apps. Not only do they offer convenience, but also additional safety and style. With the right accessories, you can enjoy your electric bike for years. Read similar blogs here.


For long trips, you should have portable air compressor, bicycle panniers, bike trailer, and rearview mirrors with a perfect ebike.

Some common accessories for electric bikes include: a rack or basket for carrying cargo, lights for visibility and safety, a lock for security, mudguards to protect against dirt and water, a kickstand for parking, and a waterproof cover for storage and clean & ultimate ride.

E-bikes are designed to be reliable and high performing over a long lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, an ebike can last several years with no issues – up to five years or more, depending on the model.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to leave the battery on your ebike. Just make sure you store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, as this can reduce the charge the battery will hold over time.


To extend your e-bike battery life, ensure you’re charging it regularly and not storing it when it’s fully discharged. Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight as much as possible, and keep the battery clean. Additionally, ensure your bike is properly maintained by routinely checking brakes, tires, chain tension and other components that can affect performance.

Perform routine maintenance to keep your ebike running well for a long time. Check the brakes and tires regularly, as well as chain tension and other components that affect performance. Additionally, use only quality batteries and charge them regularly, store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and avoid high temperatures. Lastly, remember to keep your battery clean.

A heavy-duty U-lock or chain lock is the best option for electric bikes. These types of locks are difficult for thieves to cut or break, providing maximum security for your bike.

Plastic or metal mudguards are suitable for electric bikes. They should be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular use and provide adequate protection against dirt and water.

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