Everything You Need to Know About Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

Everything You Need to Know About Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

The Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike is an excellent combination of style and mechanics. The overall design of the bike is very contemporary. What really impresses bike enthusiasts is its sturdiness and high-quality. The motor powering this bike is second generation mid-drive motor manufactured by Bosch, and offers 350 watts of power.


Just to give you a quick introduction, a mid-drive motor is mounted between the pedals so riders do not feel additional weight due to its position. This makes the riding experience smoother. 

Bosch is a German brand, a leading global supplier of high-end technology and services.  The grace mx ii is continental mountain king and offers all of it. Its cutting-edge features offer a top-notch cycling experience whether you are a beginner who just started exploring the countryside or are an experienced cyclist. This bike offers a double-leg kickstand, detachable display, Bosch power pack of 400 Wh, MTB saddle, headlights, and a sleek design at a much affordable price. 

Let’s explore Grace Mx ii Trail Mid Drive Electric Bikefeatures in depth. 

Features of Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

Here is a detailed list of features you should know before buying this electric bike.

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Motor and Pedaling

The Grace MX ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike is powered by a Bosch Gen 2 that offers power of of 350 watts. The durable motor does produce some sound when running but it gets quieter when driven in low gears. The smart motor sensors shut down the motor to slow down the bike as soon as the brakes are applied. In an off-road cycling tour, the motor provides a great experience and safety as the pedaling speed, torque and brakes work in harmony. All thanks to its sensors that instantaneously pick up the cyclist’s directions.

The bike’s tread can be bouncy when cycling through extremely bumpy tracks. The motor is designed for off-roading as braking and slowing down on time is critical in situations where the cyclist is about to hit an obstacle or is going down a steep hill. On average, the motor can efficiently range over 50 miles on its lowest.

Battery and Charging

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Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike is powered by a Bosch battery of 36 volts powers, offering a capacity of 11.6 amp hour. The battery is lightweight, which further reduces the overall weight of the e-bike. The removable battery is locked by an ABUS lock core that doesn’t let it fall off, even in the most extreme environments. The battery can be charged while it is locked on the frame or when separated. The charging time is around 3.5 hours. The battery is quite durable as it provides more than 1000 charge cycles.


The handlebar is quite clean with no extra or unwanted parts or mechanisms. The trigger shifter stays out of the cyclist’s way when on the go. There is a detachable LCD panel showing speed, 4 assist levels, an odometer, battery voltage,  clock, estimated range, average speed, max speed, and trip time. The removable display panel makes deep cleaning of the bike easier. 

This bike has headlights mounted on the front, powered by the main battery lights that are activated through the Bosch system. These lights make traveling at night easier. Due to mid mounted battery, there is little room for bottle cage that can be considered as a drawback of this bike.


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Grace MX II trail mid-drive electric bike comes with Continental Mountain King 2.2-inch wide MTB Tires. The diameter of the tires is 26  inches which is relatively smaller than most sturdy electric bikes. A wider tire would have been better because a larger surface area offers better grip and shock-proofs the bike against the pits and bumps on different kinds of roads. However, MTB tire tubes are inexpensive to replace when they get worn out, making this bike an overall economical option.

But the tire’s width makes transporting the bike easier on a car trunk rack as it would fit on most cheap racks. The tires have reflective sidewalls that look very modern and attractive.

Frame of Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum alloy and comes in two different sizes for improved compatibility. The two heights are 17.5 inches and 19.5 inches. There are no variations in color and for both frame sizes, it is metallic brown. The 15mm thru-axle provides the right sturdiness to the frame rear. The rigid fork and grips with lockers are also some of its best features. 

Pedal Experience of Grace MX II Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

The advanced pedal assist excellently delivers the right amount of comfort while pedaling to produce torque and amp up the speed. This ensures a smooth drive and stable change in speed when cycling. The suspension is brilliantly designed to handle most kinds of trails and tracks.

      • It has four distinct levels which alter the pedaling as well as speed. The four levels are:

      • Eco Mode (increases pedaling by 50%)

      • Tour Mode (increases pedaling by 120%)

      • Sport Mode (increases pedaling by 190%)

      • Turbo Mode (increases pedaling by 275%)

    The rear LED lights of grace mx ii are mounted on the seat and cockpit to see more than 180 degrees in front of you in dark. The display pad in front of you that measures speed is also a backlit LCD.


    The mx ii electric bike comes in two sizes so you can find the right fit for your body. The aluminum alloy frame comes in two variations of 17.5 inches (approx. 44.45 cm) and 19.5 inches (approx. 49.53 cm).

    Reasons Why You Should Buy Grace Mx ii Trail Mid-Drive Electric Bike

      • Affordable e-bike that offers top-notch performance on road and off the road.
      • Sleek and shiny aesthetics with a modern design that is appealing to the eye.
      • Sturdy suspension that can provide a smooth cycling experience on rough terrains.
      • The tires have a width of 2.2 inches only which reduces the surface area, offering lower friction.
      • Durable MTB tires that are inexpensive and easy to change.
      • Responsive pedaling mechanism with 4 levels.
      • Backlit LCD display and LED lights that are powered by the Bosch motor.
      • Ergon MTB seat for comfortable experience.
      • Easy and stable parking with double kickstands.
      • Excellent balance on the road, the weight distribution is remarkable, the heavy components such as the motor and battery are placed in the center.
      • Hydraulic brakes and Bosch motor offer safe braking.
      • Modern lighting system, seat tube, and light weight.
      • Best for road cycling with quality in-build brake levers
      • Can be used for off road environments.


      Grace Mx ii Trail Mid Drive Electric Bike is one of the best bikes to have in 2023 because it is the perfect cross between a modern electric bike and a sturdy off-roading bike. Top-notch technology at an affordable price is always the best. We recommend mx ii trial bike for top performance without breaking the bank.

      If you want an affordable e-bike to ride to work or take it off-roading often, this e-bike can perform well in both environments. Grace MX II Trail is an e-bike that stays with you for years while you make travel memories in all kinds of situations. That sums up our review, you can read other blogs about this electric bike here.

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      Most frequent questions and answers

      Yes, Grace MX II Trail Electrical Bike is worth buying. If you are an e-bike enthusiast, It’s one of the most affordable electric bikes with great features on the market. The ergonomics are perfect for your posture, and the second-generation Bosch motor provides excellent speed and torque. This e-bike’s features make it an excellent choice for cyclists wanting to ride on smooth roads or in the country.

      The Grace MX II E-Bike is great for most kinds of rides as well as mountain rides. It is powered by a great pedaling and braking system, but the tires are not wide enough to provide the needed friction. Riding up steep mountains can be a safety concern on this e-bike as the tires of this bike are not suitable for extremely rugged tracks.

      The Grace MX II Trail E-bike costs around USD 3000 to USD 4000  which is quite affordable considering its style, performance, and reliability.

      Yes, Grace MX II Trail Electric Bike is perfect for city rides as this bike has a sleek and modern design along with a great motor system. The black color looks elegant and is suited for professionals who like to ride to work in style.

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