How to Transport Electric Bikes? A Complete Guide

How to Transport Electric Bikes? A Complete Guide

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As an e-bike enthusiast, you have a travel destination in mind but there’s a problem transporting bike with you in a car.

If you are planning to travel with your e-bike, tossing it in the back of your van or SUV might seem convenient but it is certainly not safe. This article will discuss how to transport electric bikes on different types of vehicles. We have also mentioned the types of e-bike trunk racks you can use. At last several tips and tricks to make the transport easy and secure.

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Things to Consider while Electric Bike Transport

The best way to transport electric bikes when you are traveling in a car is to use a car rack and hang it on the back of your car’s trunk. This is the best idea because it’s hassle-free. It saves you cost, and you can also ride it any time in the middle of your journey.

If you are uncertain about which rack to use, visit our electric bike racks review guide here.

Picture this: You are on a road trip with your partner and have reached a beautiful location that is perfect for cycling. You are well rested, and the weather is perfect. So, you park the car at the side of the road, take off your bike and ride it.

Here are two things that you need to consider when planning to use a bike rack.

1. Frame and Weight of Your Transporting Bike

E bikes come in all shapes and sizes; thus, you’ll have to choose a trunk rack depending on the frame and weight of your e-bike.

Some e-bikes are long while others are heavy. Although most e-bikes can fit on a trunk rack, some cannot be transported if they are too long and heavy. If the e-bike has a protruding handle, it might not fit on the trunk rack.

Focus on the below points when selecting a rack.

  • Measure the length and height of the e-bike
  • Length of the handle
  • Width of tires
  • Weight of your e-bike

The weight of your e-bike is a crucial factor in determining how easy it will be to transport the bike. An e-bike that has a carbon fiber frame will weigh less than steel frames and can be transported on the roof rack of most cars.

The universal weight limit for most car roof racks is roughly 165 pounds. If your e-bike weighs less and your car already has a roof rack, you are all set to travel with your e-bike. If your car doesn’t have a roof rack, you should choose an e-bike trunk rack instead as it is more secure for carrying a bike.

But, if your e-bike is bulky with a strong steel body and wide tires, carrying it on an e-bike rack is the only way. A rugged rack ensures safety on the road and some trunk racks can support weights up to 600 lbs.

2. Type of E-bike Transport Vehicle

You may find yourself confused if ebike transport can only be done on large vehicles. Fortunately, many vehicles can transport an e-bike, but the best ones that support a trunk rack are:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Camper vans
  • SUVs
  • Wagons
  • MPVs, and vehicles

These vehicles are the better choice because the wider a vehicle is, the further apart its backlights are. This ensures road safety as other vehicle drivers behind you will be able to see them. The height of the vehicle is also important because if the e-bike’s frame covers the rear windshield, it inhibits the rear view of the driver.

Although hatchbacks and sedans have their limitations. But they allow the transportation of lightweight electric bikes with small frame. If the e-bike doesn’t fit in the trunk and you are unsure on how to transport electric bikes, you can opt for an e-bike trunk rack.

What Type of E-bike Rack is Best for E-bikes?

We already have an in-depth blog about this, please visit here.

Tips and Tricks to Transport Electric Bike on Trunk Rack

Here are some tips and tricks for carrying an electric bike on a car.

Secure the Bike

Let’s say you drive an SUV, and the e-bike can easily fit inside its trunk. It is very tempting to toss the bike in but remember that your SUV and e-bike are expensive items. We are not only talking about scratches now. When you apply sudden brakes, you will be risking your pricey e-bike’s frame.

This is why it is important to use clasps and bungee cords to tie the bike to a separate car trunk. You can use an extended bike trunk rack to avoid damaging the e-bike and your car. If it’s your first time, simply read the instructions manual that comes along with the electric bike rack.

Remove E-bike’s Battery

The battery of most e-bikes is designed to handle minor vibrations while riding. If you are planning to take it on a long journey or off-roading, it is necessary to remove the battery and keep it inside the car to avoid damage.

How to Remove eBike Battery?

Electric bike battery can easily be removed. Please see the guide here about removing it.

Cover the E-bike

Now this one is not an absolute necessity but if you want to keep the e-bike dust-free, and ready to ride, cover it with plastic wrap. Check the weather forecast before you travel. If it is going to be rainy or you’ll be passing through humid areas, cover up the e-bike.


Whether traveling locally or in new locations, your e-bike can be a great companion. Transporting an e-bike should be convenient and safe if you are using the right e-bike rack and have educated yourself on the subject.

It is important to take your time and learn to install the e-bike rack for a safe journey. Read more similar blogs for better understanding here.

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Most frequent questions and answers

How to Transport Electric Bikes in the Rain?

If you don’t want to ride your bike in rain, you can carry it on a bike trunk rack that attaches to the trunk of your car. If it is raining outside, you might also want to remove the battery to ensure safety.

Can an Electric Bike Fit in a Car?

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Some electric bikes that weigh less and have a smaller frame can fit in the trunks of most cars even the trunk of a sedan or hatchback. But, if your e-bike is bulky and long, using a trunk rack is better.

How Do You lift a heavy electric bike?
Although many trunk racks have extendable ramps and tilt features for loading a bike. Some trunk racks don’t offer the same convenience.
If your e-bike trunk rack requires you to lift the e-bike and load it onto the rack. It is better to lift the front wheel, place it on the trunk rack first. Then lift the back wheel and swing its body onto the rack.
Can you put an e-bike on a trunk rack?

Yes, you can put an e-bike on a trunk rack. Read the instruction manual.

Do e bikes need special car rack?

Yes, ebikes need special car rack

How do you lock an ebike to a bike rack?

Bike racks come with clasps and secure knobs that keep the e-bike in place perfectly. If you want additional safety, you can use a bungee cord with hooks to tie the bike’s frame to the trunk rack where needed.

Do I need to transport e-bike without battery?

Removing or not removing the e-bike’s battery totally depends on the model of your e-bike. Some batteries are more prone to damage from extreme vibrations and shocks, so, they must be removed and kept inside the car.

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